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RunCode Competition

Programming Competition

0800 EST

11 November

0800 EST

13 November

Our next event, the annual online RunCode programming competition, will occur over 11-13 November 2021. Keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates as the dev team continues to work hard coming up with real-world and relevant programming challenges.

Good luck in the competitions, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of our admins on the slack server (ryko212, ohai, funtimes, chashtag, psmitty, mjb) for support (you'll get an email invite to our slack after making an account).

If you'd like to practice on some of our previous coding challenges, head over to our main website where we have all of our previous challenges available for you to work on(the logins/accounts for the competition site and the main site are separate). Writeups for past CTF challenges are in the works. We'll keep you posted.

We continue to work on the update to the main site. We apologize for the extended down time (we all donate time out of our lives/careers to keep the site running and many of our devs have changed careers/jobs over the last year). We will continue to work on the site and keep everyone informed.


RunCode was created as a means to get individuals and organizations interested in learning to code. The best way to become a better programmer is by, well, programming. We created RunCode as a vehicle to challenge programmers at all experience levels in a fun and competitive fashion. Through gamification (and healthy competition), learning to code can be fun.

So What is RunCode all about?

RunCode is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing educational opportunities in programming and information security through a hands-on, fun approach. The organization is staffed by a team of volunteers who contribute to the platform in their spare time after work, and are passionate about the topics these competitions present.


Learning to code takes time, motivation, and energy (and for many its something that we have to do on the side after hours from school or work). The biggest barrier beyond those three is finding suitable problems or projects that require programming to solve. RunCode provides over 180 language-independent coding challenges with new ones being added periodically by the staff as well as player-donated challenges. Every time you solve a challenge, you earn points based on the estimated difficulty of the problem. The top scoring players earn themselves a spot on the leader board. Succeed or fail, we're all in this together. All submissions are posted to the RunCode game channel in Slack chat so you can share your accomplishments (and trials) with the community.


Information Security (and Cybersecurity) is a field that spans a rather vast, inter-disciplinary range of topics. Many of us that work in this field find Capture-the-Flag competitions to be an excellent way to hone our skillsets and get new or further exposure to problems we wouldn't necessarily be exposed to at quite the same rate without participating in these events. You might think of CTF competitions as a way of crowdsourcing exposure to problems that professionals in the field at large experience in a fun and engaging format much like solving a puzzle. At RunCode, we love CTF's, and we want to give back to the community that has given us so many fun competitions to participate in.

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